The True Story The stitch that started it all

Our Mission

True religion was founded on the belief that denim is the common fabric of humanity—worn regardless of faith, class or orientation. The spirit of our founding is the one that guides us today: to be as individual as we are universal.

Our Story

In 2002, True Religion swiftly unraveled denim’s 140-year history when we exploded onto the LA fashion scene with a unique design. Our fresh take on the denim jean began with a Super T stitch, a five-needle thread at two-stitch-per-inch process which instantly became iconic.

It wasn’t long before True Religion gathered the attention of the world’s most respected style leaders, and demand for our denim grew rapidly. In 2010, we went international with our first UK store. And sew, every stitch from there on out was committed to being bigger, bolder, and better than the rest.

As our denim brand evolved, True Religion weaved together fine craftsmanship with a distinctive edge. Our specialty denim fits, washes and treatments were all designed with unique embellishments to capture attention at every turn. Appearing on the back pocket, True Religion’s signature horseshoe was born from the silhouette of a buddha’s smile, and our handcrafted back patches feature a buddha to remind us how evolution is constant. Approaching 20 years in the denim brand industry, we have always been fashion-forward, even from behind.

True History

  • 2002

    El Segundo, CA office opens. We emerge as the originators of premium denim.

  • 2003

    We land our first account with Fred Segal after our denim is spotted on their staff.

  • 2004

    The Big T and Super T stitch are introduced. Our horseshoe becomes iconic.

  • 2005

    Our first retail location opens in Manhattan Beach, California. We revolutionize the fashion industry with the first-ever Denim Bar concept.

  • 2010

    Our brand goes international with the launch of our first UK store.

  • 2012

    We establish cultural relevancy, mentions in film, television and chart-topping songs.

  • 2016

    Our “This is True” campaign launches featuring Tommy Lee, Bryshere Gray, Nikki Lane, Black Atlas, and Justine Skye.

  • 2018

    We close out the year with the launch of our True Religion x Bella Hadid denim capsule.

  • 2021

    Leading up to our 20th anniversary in 2022, we’ve launched a series of social campaigns and collaborations, including 2 Chainz, Supreme, and a growing list of up-and-coming artists.

  • 2022

    True Religion’s 20th Anniversary

Corporate Responsibility

True Religion Apparel, Inc., together with its subsidiaries and affiliates is dedicated to upholding fair and legal employment practices and environmental sustainability requirements.

As an integral component of this commitment, we have developed and implemented a Vendor Code of Conduct which applies to all vendors, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers that form a part of our supply chain.

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